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    360 degree cooling cryolipolysis device


    Cryo-360P is designed to offer both facial and body treatments. It works with different accessories and interchangeable heads, making work easier and adapting itself to the individual needs of each client.

    Proved results and guaranteed quality

    4 technologies in just one machine

    The combination technologies in the Cryo-360P equipment puts vanguard and innovation at the service of clients with an unbeatable profitability. Cryo-360P combines 360 cryolipolysis, cavitation, radio frequency and lipo laser

    Proved results

    o Cellulite reduction o Firming up o Improved aspect of the skin o Body contouring

    Intuitive interface

    Very intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces, helping users to obtain the best results in their treatments. Cryo-1P has a very intuitive interface which facilitates the work of the user, reducing training time and helping to obtain maximum performance of the machine.

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