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    CO2 Fractional ablative laser


    LazCo2-1P is based on Fractional Photothermolysis theory. Thanks to this technology, the 10.6μm far-infrared laser will evenly mark with tiny holes, and cause a series of biochemical reactions inside the skin, to reach the results of skin lifting & resurfacing, pigments and scar removal.

    Wide range of probes for multiple applications

    Fractional Laser Probe

    • Skin resurfacing: skin rejuvenation and wrinkle removal (superficial peeling). • Scar Removal: Acne scars, burn scars and surgery scars. • Collagen stimulation. • Ablation and coagulation for the treatment of skin furrows and other textural irregularities. • Dermatological Surgery (stretch marks).

    Normal Laser Probe

    • Flat warts removal . • Resection surgery. • Nevus/mole removal.

    Vaginal (VRL) Probes

    • Contracting vaginal . • Labium whitening . • Solve the problem of dyspareunia and colpoxerosis.

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