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    Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic


    The color Doppler ultrasound diagnosis system PT-6 uses a safe and stable operating system to calmly face various emergencies. Its high performance ensures better image performance. PT-6 ensures high brightness, high resolution and excellent imaging technologies for richer functions, more stable performances.

    Color Doppler ultrasound scan machine for women’s health

    Ergonomic design for easy operations

    • 10.4-inch large touch screen for in-depth interaction • Easy operation with integrated keypad • Fully activated four-probe interface • 19-inch medical HD display on the main screen • USB image storage export

    Full set of advanced imaging technologies

    • Full-digital 2D gray-scale imaging • Color Doppler flow imaging • Directional color energy Doppler imaging • Pulse Wave Doppler (PW) imaging • Continuous Wave Doppler (CW) imaging • Spatial composite imaging • Trapezoidal imaging • Wide area imaging

    Technical specifications Applications Clinical image Probes