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    Color doppler ultrasound system


    PT-8 is the all-digital high-performance color doppler ultrasound diagnostic instrument. Thanks to its intelligent operation process, humanized design and thoughtful man-machine interaction as a whole, PT-8 allows doctors to have full focus on the patient during the clinical diagnosis process.

    Color doppler ultrasound system: versatile, easy and durable

    Very intuitive design

    • 13.3-inch large touch screen for in-depth interaction (Covering 90% of clinical operations). • Easy operation with integrated keypad. • Fully activated four-probe interface. • Main screen 21.5-inch medical HD display. • USB image storage export. • Free combination of probe storage slots. • Four casters with foot brakes.

    Full set of imaging technologies

    • Micro imaging technology. • Harmonic imaging technology (THI). • Speckle noise removal technology. • Puncture enhancement. • Real-time wide-field imaging. • Spatial composite imaging technology. • Omni-directional adjustable M-type. •IMT automatic measurement of vascular intima-media. • Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI). • Trapezoidal Imaging. • Harmonic Fusion Imaging (FTHI).

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