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    Dual-head wireless handheld


    By possessing linear and convex heads at the same time, Dual-head wireless handheld ultrasound scanner US-2H scan the whole body within one smart scanner. By simply flipping around the device, you can switch from shallow exams to deep exams. From the deep structures within the abdomen, superficial anatomy, the extremities and even to the heart.


    Full-body diagnostic imaging solution, designed for healthcare professionels

    Point-of-care ultrasound in your pocket

    • 1.4X Lighter: With only 260g, US-2H is way more portable than ultrasound devices. • 2.5X Faster: 2-hour flash recharge for every emergent shift. • Designed for more remotable and efficient diagnosis.

    Premium quality image on your palm

    • With a high speed of 18 frames per second on your hand, you can get any small detail in maximum clarity for a quick diagnostic imagine. See patient's health issues in HD.

    Easy to disinfect with wireless

    • Get rid of cables, wires and chargers. Uprobe-C scanner supports fully wireless operation makes it easy to disinfect in a very short time. Help to reduce the risk of infection during pandemic.

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