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    HEARTREC-NT1 is an easy- to -use recorder, which collects 12-lead ECG waveform synchronously and records continuously for 48 hours. With a clear operating interface, the analysis software is easy to use and can play back and classify dispose ECG waveform stored in recorder and achieve kinds of analysis functions, such as arrhythmia, HRV, QTD, TWA


    Main features

    HEARTREC offers a large range of analysis

    • With 12 leads synchro analysis QRS search can be more accurate. • Powerful pacemaker analysis on the AAI VVI DDD etc. all pacemaker analysis. • Analysis of heart rate variability with short-range 5 minutes and long-range 1 hour and full analysis of heart rate variability. • Analysis can predict the risk of death in patients with myocardial infarction "Heart rate turbulence". • Analysis is an important index on judging and preventing Arrhythmia "T Wave alternation" . • The report has more reference value with the functions of VCG VLP TVCG and QTD analysis.

    Convenient recorder features

    • Removable TF card (volume: up to 2GB). • Work on "AAA" size battery and workable for 60 hours. • Separated electrodes synchronously collect the 12-lead ECG data (easy for replacement).

    More than 10 templates as atrial premature beat module and ventricular premature beat module

    • Long interval module . • Atrial flutter module . • Atrial fibrillation module etc. • Multiplicative user-defined templates could almost identify every kind of pathological.

    Technical specifications