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    CO2 Fractional ablative laser


    The light from a LazCo-3S laser system is highly effective for revitalization of micro-ablative skin. Typically, the CO2 laser beam is pixelated into thousands of small rods of light by the fractional CO2 laser. These micro beams of light hit the layers of skin in depth. They focus at a specific portion of the skin surface at one time this and heals the skin quickly.

    Wide range of probes for multiple applications

    Fractional laser probe

    • Skin resurfacing, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal (superficial peeling). • Scar Removal: Acne scars, burnt scars and surgery scars. • Collagen Stimulation. • Ablation and coagulation for the treatment of skin furrows and other textural irregularities. • Dermatological surgery (stretch marks).

    Normal laser probe

    • Flat warts removal . • Resection surgery. • Nevus/mole removal.

    Vaginal (VRL) probes

    • Contracting vaginal . • Labium whitening . • Solve the problem of dyspareunia and colpoxerosis.

    Scroll wheel

    • Fast moving more effective.

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