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    H6 Patient monitor

    Thanks to its many configurations adaptable to different requirements, H6 is suitable for ICU / CCU, operation rooms, postoperative observatories and emergency rooms.

    Comprehensive and powerful monitoring solutions

    Simultaneous display of various parameters

    • Any combination for Single parameter modular or multi parameters modular. • 1 single modular slot and 1 double modular slot. • Simultaneously display at least of 10 parameters. • 13 kinds of arrhythmia analysis. • ECG waveforms of 7-lead displayed simultaneously. • Assist to judge the heart activity directly. • 15 kinds of drug dose calculations.

    Powerful software: Safe and stable

    • 1000 hours trend data and trend graphs. • 48 hours full waveform reviewing. • Power failure data store. • High stable system allowing complicate information processing. • NIBP dual overpressure protection. • Wired/wireless connection. • Supporting SD card, 4 USB interface. • Various input. able to navigate by keyboard or optical mouse.

    Technical specifications