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    Laptop Black and White ultrasound machine


    D-A8 delivers superb image quality with a precision digital imaging technology and delicate display structure. It has multiple display modes, multi-angle and multi-directional observation of contrast and provides large capacity of movie playback and permanent image storage.


    B&W ultrasound machine with accurate digital imaging technology

    Interior high-end Image

    • Gallbladder: The cleaner signal can be extracted, so that the image has a more outstanding detail resolution. • Kidney: The original acoustic beam signal obtained from multiple angles can effectively suppress the random noise and reduce the pseudo-error.

    Intuitive operation interface

    • Display: 15-inch LED medical display (Resolution 1027*768) • Adjustable scanning range • Rich optional transducers • Movie playback: ≥1500 frames

    Technical specification Applications Clinical Imaging Probes