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    Laser lipolysis is a therapeutic modality that is currently used to treat localized fat and sagging skin to promote cutaneous retraction with a shorter post-operative recovery time and fewer adverse effects. Wavelength 1470nm is the most adequate because it can achieve a smaller thermal damage, as an adjunct therapy to liposuction, as well as for treatment of lipomas.

    Original advanced laser stabilization system

    Combination of the medical laser and intelligent operation system

    • Intelligent hardware control system. • Stable and continuous power delivery thanks to the liquid cooling system • The 1470nm and 980nm can be selected individually or blended together • 1470nm 25W max in CW mode for versatile treatment. • Combination of treatment data storage and patient data storage. • Nature-touched LCD allowing easy and rapid set-up.

    Beautiful modern appearance, Compact and Portable

    • Smooth intelligent operating system, in line with human operation habits. • Clinical & evidence based protocols. • Maximize the comfort, safety, speed and effectiveness of treatment. • Excellent quality

    The 1470nm wavelength features

    • The energy of the 1470nm diode laser can be absorbed by both hemoglobin and cellular water. • At the same time, 1470nm wavelength laser has strong tissue absorption rate and shallow penetration depth, and has good tissue vaporization cutting ability and tissue hemostasis characteristics During intra-cavitary surgery, the necrotic area of the tissue can be effectively controlled to avoid damage to the normal tissue

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