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    Phlebology (EVLT)


    EVLT (Endovenous Laser Ablation) allows minimally invasive treatment of varicose veins through a small puncture to get quicker healing and a better outcome, without need for vein stripping and surgery.

    Quality and safety come first

    Quality and Safety

    • Elegant metallic body, super-fast cooling system and highly integrated modular design • EVLT-4P can deliver up to 12W stable and continuous laser energy. • All in one solution • Rapid set up

    Optimal clinical configuration

    • Superior cellular water absorption, gives 1470nm wavelength advanced vein ablation results at relatively low power settings, thus reducing thermal damage to surrounding tissues • Reduction of postoperative pain and side effects • At settings of less than 12 Watts, tissue necrosis and damage can be controlled, therefore 1470nm 12Watts is a safer and cheaper configuration.

    Rapid and Easy Set-up

    • Equipped with the ultra-fast response touch screen, EVLT-4P allows surgeons to select very efficiently, intuitively and effortlessly with a wide field of vision.

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