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    For cutting edge treatment of Anal Fistula and Hemorrhoids, with laser energy delivery, the radial fiber is inserted into the anal fistula tract and is used to thermally ablate and close to the abnormal pathway, the epithelialized tissue is being destroyed and the fistula tract collapses to a very high degree.

    cutting edge treatment of Anal Fistula and Hemorrhoids

    Combination of the medical laser and intelligent operation system

    • Intelligent hardware control system. • Stable and continuous power delivery thanks to the liquid cooling system • The 1470nm and 980nm can be selected individually or blended together • 1470nm 25W max in CW mode for versatile treatment. • Combination of treatment data storage and patient data storage. • Nature-touched LCD allowing easy and rapid set-up.

    Beautiful modern appearance, Compact and Portable.

    • Smooth intelligent operating system, in line with human operation habits. • Clinical & evidence based protocols. • Maximize the comfort, safety, speed and effectiveness of treatment. • Excellent quality

    The 1470nm wavelength features

    • The energy of the 1470nm diode laser can be absorbed by both hemoglobin and cellular water. • At the same time, 1470nm wavelength laser has strong tissue absorption rate and shallow penetration depth, and has good tissue vaporization cutting ability and tissue hemostasis characteristics During intra-cavitary surgery, the necrotic area of the tissue can be effectively controlled to avoid damage to the normal tissue

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